Adjustable Legs

Leg sections which are adjustable for length to allow the user to level the standing platform prior to hunting from the tripod.


Any device used to secure a tripod to the ground to preclude it from tipping over during high winds or similar conditions which may negatively affect its performance and stability. Cables, ropes, tethers, chains, etc. are all forms of tripod anchors.

Arm Rest

A designated area or structure where the user may rest their arms during use.

Elevated Position

Being in a position above ground level.

Expiration Date

Every product has an expiration date which is usually shown on the label. When a product has passed its expiration date, the product should be replaced. Sometimes individual components such as ratchet straps can be replaced. Consult the manufacturer’s instruction manual or contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

Foot Rest

A designated area or structure where the user may rest their feet during use.

Free-Standing Platform

A free standing platform with three (3) or more legs and a ladder to climb to the standing platform. The use of a full body harness is not recommended when using a free-standing platform.

Ground Level

Being on, or standing on the ground.

Gun Rest

A designated area or structure where a user may rest and/or steady their firearm during use.

Haul Line/Pull-Up Rope

A simple rope or strap that is attached to a treestand or tripod stand on one end and the other end is left hanging to the ground. A haul line is used to raise and lower various equipment from the stand location such as a firearm, backpack, bow, climbing aids, stick ladders, etc.

Homemade Stand

Any stand that is not made in a standardized and tested manufacturing facility. Homemade Stands are dangerous! Never use a homemade stand or homemade steps for any reason!

Level Ground

That ground under the ladder section of the ladder stand on which the stand is installed. This ground must be firm and level to preclude the treestand from rotating off of the tree or otherwise failing due to an inappropriate installation.

Man-Made Treestands/Structures

Can be any structure made by man, including: power generation equipment, telephone/power poles, manmade columns or structures. Do not use any stand on or near any manmade structures.

Manufacturer’s Instructions

Every product comes with a written set of instructions. These instructions contain critical information on how to safely assemble, install, and use the product. You must keep these instructions the entire time you own the stand and pass it on to others who borrow or purchase the stand. The instructions should be reviewed at least annually.

Manufacturer’s Warnings

Every manufacturer has issued warnings related to using their equipment above ground level. These warnings are contained in the manufacturer’s instruction manual and other specific locations, depending upon the type of product.

Maximum Rated Capacity

The maximum load capacity, not to be exceeded, of a treestand, harness, climbing stick, tripod, or tower stand as determined by the manufacturer.

Ratchet Straps

A combination of two straps and a ratchet mechanism that winds the strap through the middle of the ratchet barrel and around itself as you tighten the ratchet. You must have a minimum of two (2) wraps of strapping around the barrel to prevent the strap from slipping. Ratchet straps are used for many purposes including securing a stand or climbing aids to the tree, or securing tree braces/stabilizer bars to the tree.

Rated Capacity

The maximum load capacity, not to be exceeded, of a treestand, climbing stick, tripod, or tower stand as determined by the manufacturer.

Seating Platform

A platform the user sits on when occupying a treestand.

Shooting Rail

A rail placed at approximately waist level when standing which serves as a gun rest.

Signal Device

Can be any device that enables the user to alert others for help. Examples include, but are not limited to, a mobile phone, radio, whistle, signal flare or personal locator device.

Signs of Wear

Any indication of damage that could be caused by a wide range of things including the outdoor elements, sun, freezing temperatures, aging equipment, animals, tree growth, etc. Some examples are: cracking, torn fibers, looseness, fading, etc.

Stabilization Devices

Any device designed to help stabilize and secure a stand or component to a tree. Examples for treestands are: 1) ratchet straps; 2) cambuckle straps; 3) chains; 4) stabilizer bars; 5) tree braces; etc. Examples for tripod stands are: stakes, stabilizing ropes, and diagonal beams.

Standing Platform

A platform the user stands on when occupying a treestand.


The Treestand Manufacturer’s Association (TMA) is a nonprofit trade association that specifically devotes its resources to promoting treestand safety through education. It endeavors to improve treestand safety with the support of its members and also by fostering relationships with organizations having similar goals. Their website address is

Tripod or Tower Stand

A tripod or tower stand is constructed to be self-supporting and is not required to be secured to a tree.


The consumer or end user of the manufactured product.